Amaranth Architects Разработка, Разработка сайтов, Уникальные решения 17.12.2019

Amaranth Architects

The emphasis should be on great projects, all the small details should be thought out. The project should be easy, understandable and simple. At the same time, it must show that the team pays great attention to the details of their architectural projects.

The main page of the site, it’s also the portfolio page, is made as simple as possible. All emphasis remains on projects along the entire path of interaction with the site.

A lot of attention is paid to the details. Such as icons, their animations, animations of the appearance of elements, effects when you hover over them and much more. The project is assembled on technologies that allow you to render pages without reloading. Some elements that seem like simple modal windows are in fact full-fledged pages that can be directly referenced in the Web.

Fully dynamic grid let the administrator create any layout without any help from our side.

All sections are dynamically populated and can be used anywhere on the site. This allows you to create new pages without any intervention from the side of the developer and make them with full preservation of the style of the site itself.

Even the privacy policy and cookie policy pages has its own special, corporate identity.

Of course, the site was created with support for several languages ​​at once, switching between them is performed automatically with the definition of the region and the system language of the user.

Even a well-thought-out logo that looks very simple, has a certain logic of its work and is presented in two colors to better match what is happening on the screen. Among other things, the logo is composite, which allows you to hide its lower part when the space does not allow you to show it in its entirety.

All this is just a small part of what we did on the Amaranth Architects project. Want a thoughtful and quality product? We are ready for new challenges. Feel free to contact us.