VAXR Technologies Разработка, Разработка сайтов, Корпоративный сайт, Уникальные решения 07.10.2019


Our task was to create fast modern website to let our client sell his services on the US market. There are some first versions of wireframes.

We made a decision: the project should be quite simple for an adult audience and very fast. We decided not to support IE — we thought that better experience for all the users that do not use IE is better than average experience for all the users so we cancelled IE support at all. Tech stack was discussed with our client. We made a decision to use Vue Js like a front-end framework and WordPress as API. Our client said that he has some plans to make the site go to top10 in search engines so we used Nuxt Js to add SSR (server site rendering). The Final result is able to be viewed by the link. Project is a complete PWA and can be installed directly to your iPhone or Android smartphone.

This project is one of the fastest we’ve ever done. Inner structure made by flexible content on WordPress gives us an opportunity to rebuild the layout the way we want.

Feel free to contact us. We are ready for the next project.